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Metallic Strength Since 1901.

1901. The first Roosevelt was in office. Assembly lines began to hum, the Pirates won the NL Pennant, and the family-owned Pittsburgh Foundry and Machine Company opened its huge wooden doors.

Now with over 100 years under our belts, we continue to provide superior, well-manufactured metals at competitive prices so you can grow your business. Maintain your reputation for quality with our responsive and knowledgeable service. Get ahead of the competition with our quick turnarounds. And depend on us as a partner, as we’re proud to be family owned and operated.

We helped engineer the past of metal manufacturing; now we’re ready to engineer the future.

Services at a Glance:

  • Castings (Click to view PDF)
    • Gray and Alloy Iron
    • Abrasion and Heat Resistant Irons 
    • Ductile Iron
    • Cast Steel
    • Alloy Cast Steel
    • Stainless, Corrosion Resistant, and Heat Resistant Steel
    • Aluminum, Bronze, and Copper
  • Forgings
  • Machining
  • Fabrication and Assembly 
  • Patterns 
  • Heat Treatment (Flame Hardening)
  • Stock Bronze, Iron, and Steel Rounds, Bars, etc. 
  • ANY metal